Tuesday, 17 May 2011

How to Restore Pine Furniture

Pine furniture is a wonderfully light wood that can brighten any room however it does have a major disadvantage in being a soft wood. This means that it can be prone to damage from scratches that can damage both the finish and the wood underneath. Another form of damage is sun damage causing the finish to fade over time. With the right treatment however you can restore your pine furniture to its former glory in such a way that it will look as good as new and you'll be able to use it for many years to come.

Before starting your restoration project make sure you have a clear work area in which to operate and that none of the liquids or materials you will use are likely to damage other home furnishings such as carpets or other items of furniture. Once you are happy that the work environment is safe then you're good to proceed and can start by using a sander to remove the existing finish on the furniture. If you don't have a sander available then you can accomplish the same result manually with sand paper or use a chemical stripper however make sure it's safe to be used on pine wood before you begin. Always make sure you're wearing the appropriate safety equipment such as sturdy rubber gloves and eye goggles and ideally old clothes in case they come into contact with any materials.

Once you've stripped the old finish from the furniture clear away any excess dust with a small brush and then treat with a clear wood preserver. Allow this to dry and possibly retreat if recommended by the manufacturer. After the treatment is complete you can then apply the stain to the pine furniture or paint as desired although bear in mind that pine is a beautiful wood with a light shade and distinctive markings and painting will hide these. Allow the stain to dry and if necessary apply the stain again to achieve the required shade of finish. Once completed return the furniture to the desired location and continue to enjoy it for many more years ahead.

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